We specialise in creating beautiful glass textures using a plethora of materials and print techniques. Layers of white and coloured ink create differing levels of privacy and pattern.

fashionable glass

Glazing manifestations are an integral part of an interior scheme but are often overlooked. Glass design brings up so many interesting factors, from thinking about what will be framed, to how the lighting will effect colour.

Working in collaboration with you, we can create artwork that not only meets current DDA regulations, but is also visually inspiring and becomes an integral part of your nishes package.

Case Study –
Standard House

This large scale environmental graphic scheme for the iconic Standard House building in Huddersfield helped transform the look and feel of the Victorian exterior facade; juxtaposing historical references with a fresh modern aesthetic…

Replication resin panels and textured glass

what is faux?


Through our innovative print techniques we can create glass like distortion which offers a more affordable alternative to resin panels and textured glass.

Our films are applied by our certified installers to existing glazing or we can supply pre applied films to glass and acrylics to be incorporated in your furniture and features.

modaglas writable is our bespoke range of magnetic glass writing boards which can be produced to any size or shape.



As our boards are made to order you are not goverened by a select range of colours, we can match to any colour reference to ensure the design blends with your interior.

We can also print directly on to our writable boards allowing you to incorporate patterns, images and branding.

The boards are manufactured from low iron toughened glass with hidden fixings and can be free floating on the wall or used as a full wall backdrop.

Collections –

Explore our myriad of wallpaper and window manifestation designs, all of which are available in an array of colours and finishes to suit your interior design scheme.


Our technicians spend time testing and developing our ideas using the latest print methods, materials and surfaces available. Are you keen to see what we can do?

We would be happy to come and show you a selection of samples of our latest work.