Our creoscape range of wallpapers are printed in house and installed by our highly experienced installation teams.
This product offers a high end finish with seamless spliced joins and comes liquid laminated as standard to provide the best protection from daily wear and tear.

why creoscape?

Paint is often seen as a low cost and effective decorating option, but it is not durable and it can be marked and easily damaged which means new coats are often needed to maintain its look.

Creoscape wallcoverings can withstand impact and are easy to clean, which helps to maintain their quality and appearance. There is no need for ‘refresher’ maintenance work which means that in the long-term wallcoverings are more durable, cost effective and appealing than paint.

Fire certified


Easy to clean

Case Study –
London Metal Exchange

Produced and installed by the 4d creations team, these beautiful bespoke wallpapers and joinery items helped the London Metal Exchange complete their new office fit out scheme in central London…

Our own wrapping material to cover almost any surface with a bespoke design or one from our collections

what’s possible
with surfaces?

To ensure the best quality finish is achieved, the material choice needs to be carefully considered when applying to textured surfaces. Our installers ensure the material is finished around corners to not only conceal the existing colour of the substrate, but to also increase its longevity.

Case Study –
Humber Enterprise Park

Humber Enterprise Park offer high quality, modern commercial space in the heart of East Riding. As part of their new brand roll out, 4d creations produced and installed a large number of exterior graphics to the corrugated facade of one of their buildings on the site in Hull…

Collections –

Explore our myriad of wallpaper and window manifestation designs, all of which are available in an array of colours and finishes to suit your interior design scheme.


Our technicians spend time testing and developing our ideas using the latest print methods, materials and surfaces available. Are you keen to see what we can do?

We would be happy to come and show you a selection of samples of our latest work.