Quartermile 1, Edinburgh

Brand design, Design development, Wall coverings, Bespoke metal work, Signage, Installation

The brief

Client: Quartermile Group

Brief: Presented with a interior concept we were tasked with developing this further to create a brand for the building and to visualise how this could be implemented through all communal areas.

Solution: Collaborating with the project Architects, we crafted a sleek and stylish modular icon. Taking inspiration from the iconic Channel 4 blocks logo, we designed a versatile symbol that serves as the center piece for feature signage and way finding.

Design development

The Channel 4 blocks logo served as the creative muse for this captivating project. As you approach the building, the main feature installation – a suspended block Q1 – takes center stage and captures your attention with it’s floating design.

The interior spaces are elevated with geometric wall coverings, utilising the block structure to create a cohesive look in reception and communal areas. The toilet and way finding signage has been transformed, elevating the design into a modern, bus stop-inspired piece with the use of shapes from the branding.

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