AV Dawson Middlesborough

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The brief

Client: AV Dawson

Brief: To create a bespoke wall feature, taking the visitor through the journey of the company over their 80 years of business.

Solution: We worked closely with Av Dawsons marketing team to create a journey, from it’s origins in 1937 to today where they operate a 40 hectares port on Riverside Park, Middlesborough.

Design development

Our design team embarked on an exciting challenge when we partnered with AV Dawson’s to create an immersive art installation that takes the viewer on a journey through the company’s rich history. Spanning over 3 floors, the wall allocated to the installation provided ample opportunity for creative expression, but it was no easy feat.

The width constraints presented a tricky obstacle that we had to navigate, but through careful planning and precise execution, we were able to seamlessly incorporate every milestone in AV Dawson’s journey, from 1938 to the present day. The result is an art installation that seamlessly blends function and form, transporting the viewer through time and space


The  art installation was crafted from a blend of oxidised metal, lush moss and brushed stainless steel. The attention to detail is evident in every inch of the wall.

But the beauty doesn’t stop there, as we also installed wall coverings on the landings that delve deeper into AV Dawson’s journey, incorporating refined messaging that brings the company’s history to life.

It was a race against time to complete this installation before the official building opening, but our skilled team of joiners, wall covering installers, and electricians worked tirelessly to make it happen. The result is a work of art that is not only visually stunning but also tells a compelling story of AV Dawson’s journey.

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