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4d creations were commissioned to design, produce and install a bespoke interior branding scheme for this incredible 5 story office space on the Quartermile in Edinburgh in collaboration with Michael Laird Architects.

The brief began with exploring different textures and finishes through out the building. Metals, glass, acrylics and printed textures all formed the basis for this fantastic scheme.

The reception area marks the start of the interior branding journey leading upwards to the 5th floor via an open and architecturally creative stair well. We artworked, produced and installed a number of bespoke polished acrylic architectural features that cleverly slotted into a scaffold structure that ascends from ground floor to fourth floor. Inspiration for the imagery was drawn from the 1950’s modernist pop art movement. The architectural feature imagery was printed in house using a complex 2 tone ink layering technique. The floor numbers were manufactured out of brushed steel with the numbers CNC laser cut out of the metal.

Printed frosted modaglas manifestations were created and installed across all glazing on all 5 floors. Intricate design detail added a unique twist to the manifestation – delicate slices of clear cut between a printed frosted finish added a different dimension and texture to the glass. Some areas were left open with simple printed frosted banding and colour matched printed room names.

Here we produced an intricate white ink print and applied to toughened glass forming this bespoke front face for the reception desk.

Clever little details are what sets this scheme apart. Here we artworked, produced and installed a number of book shelf graphics; a successful way to deliver colour and interest to feature furniture.

100’s of meters of bespoke creoscape wallcoverings were produced and installed in the meeting rooms throughout the building. To add depth, shadow and texture, we produced the text and identification signage in a brushed steel metal. Etched steel room name plates were designed and created, all of which were interchangeable on hidden fixings.

Continue your journey throughout the office space and you’ll find our bespoke designed wall graphics. A subtle band of fritting dots inspired by sound waves printed on a specialist media and applied horizontally to all core walls. We had to carefully colour match the background to fit with the rest of the scheme. Samples were produced prior to final manufacture.

The bespoke guitar was manufactured to be 3 times the size of a normal electrical guitar, using brushed steel, chrome and acrylic. All frets and tuners were raised to replicate the finer detail of an electric guitar. Each string uses a slightly different gauge cable running through internal LED lighting.

The lettering uses glass blown neon lettering.

We produced a scale sample prior to final manufacture to ensure the client was happy with all the detail.

We created a 3m magnetic, writable wall feature using our modaglas | writable product. Branded glass panels perfect for collaborative working or simply as a wall feature.

This 3D architectural feature is a 9m by 9m bespoke piece celebrating different everyday textures and finishes such as concretes, painted mesh and air slate all set within a solid matt aluminium frame.

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